Repair List

Gadgets Fix specialise in fixing phones, laptops, gaming consoles, watches, ipods and cameras. Last year our technicians repaired over 8,000 units from all the leading brands. Click on the products below to find out how we can help.

Keyboards / Mouse pad repairs
Wireless repair
Software problems
LCD / Digitiser repairs
Camera Repair
Case, hinges, button replacements
Motherboard replacements
Laptop Memory Upgrade
Data Recovery
Virus removal
Spilt liquid on Laptop
Battery Problems and Replacement
Sound and Mic Replacement
Hard drive upgrades
Watch Repair and Battery Replacement
Other Repairs and Faults
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  • Macbooks from £199 ...... Laptops from £99
  • Samsung s6 edge from £249....... samsung s7 edge from £399
  • Iphone 5 series from £99
  • iPads from £99
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  • Quick quote, reliable speedy fix with warranty........ repairs from £35
  • Acredited Specialist with over 1000 5 star reviews......... repairs from £35