breaks a record with 430 google & 850 Facebook reviews the highest in the north. all in one year. Leeds number one repair center have reached a milestone with 430 google & 850 Facebook reviews and a 4.2 rating the highest in the world per sq ft. has achieved this in one year. is now the country’s number one repair center. In Leeds the Apple store with 80, Currys with 34, Carphone with 6 reviews. All these companies offer excellent service and 1000 times the number of clients and with 50 times more floor space compered with At We have the highest ratio of feedback with better ratings which shows we offer the best customer service in Britain. The Apple Store on Regents St London has 517 reviews with a 3.8 rating. The Apple Store on fith avenue busiest street in world has 50 times the floor space, 500% more clients and has been going for 12 years has only 1770 reviews with a 4.3 rating. with google and facebook reviews of 1200 reviews is out performing the Apple store in New York. Dated 13/07/16.

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