Android Devices; Their Problems and How to Fix Them

Android Devices; Their Problems and How to Fix Them

Android powered devices are the new “it” things in the techie world today. The open sourced operating system created by Google now rivals the closed operating system that Apple uses, the iOS for its iDevices. Google says that being open source is one of the best features of their OS, because it allows different programmers to easily add their own features into the OS. However, being open source has also caused a number of problems for devices based on the Google OS. Here are some frequent problems that various smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that are powered by Android have experienced.

4 Common Problems Encountered with Android Devices

Messages are Being Sent to the Wrong Recipients

This is a problem that has plagued and annoyed many Android users. Google has admitted this problem, and have subsequently released updates in order to fix them. So a quick connect to the internet and downloading the latest updates for your device should remedy the problem.

Cache for the Browser is Too Big

With frequent surfing of the internet using your Google powered device, the browser cache can become really big that it takes up a lot of system memory, slowing down your device. You will need to download an app called the Quick App Cache Cleaner and use it to clear your browser cache and will speed up internet browsing, as well as overall device performance.

Device Won’t Connect to Desktop

A majority of devices will not connect to the desktop during the initial connection. You may require specific downloads from the device manufacturer in order to allow your device to properly talk with your computer.

Certain Videos do not Display on the Screen

Another common quirk of these Google powered devices; there are times when videos taken using the device does not display in the gallery after completion. In order to have the video display properly, you must take out the battery for a few seconds, re attach the battery, power up your phone and the video should display properly.

Android Phone Repair in Leeds

If your Android based device is frequently having problems and you cannot find a solution online, it would be best to take the device to a reliable repair shop in order to properly fix it. If you are in the Leeds area in the UK, the best shop to go to would be Gadgets Fix in the Leeds City Centre. They have been repairing different gadgets for 10 years now, and at the moment they have trained personnel that can fix a wide range of gadgets, Android phones and tablets included. Not only do you get reliable repairs for your gadgets at a very affordable price, We offer a 90 day warranty on these repairs as well!