Charging Port Guide By GadGetsFIX

Try out a different power source.

The problem with your phone not charging might not be due to your phone or charger but the power outlet the charge is connected to. Try connecting your charger to another socket. Perhaps you were charging with an extension box, you can switch it up to charging directly from the wall. If charging on a wall socket, change to another. If you were charging using a USB port on your computer, switch to another port or try charging directly from a wall adapter. If your cell phone starts charging, then you’ve found the problem. You just need to call an electrician to fix the faulty wall adapter, buy a new extension box or get your computer USB port fixed.

Check the charging cable

Charging cables are often the most common cause of your phone not charging when plugged in . Charging cables go through a lot of wrapping and unwrapping, twisting and untwisting especially when they are being transported on a regular basis as some of us can’t do without taking our chargers everywhere with us. These can lead to the charging cable getting damaged. Change your charging cable to another and see if your cell phone charges, if it does then your charging cable was faulty.

Check the charger adapter

You might have changed the charging cable and the phone is still not charging and you’re very sure the charging cable is not faulty then you have to check the charger adapter. Remove the charging cable and check the connecting port between them, does it smell burnt? Does the connecting port look rusty? Does the charging cable shake when connected to it or doesn’t connect properly? Then you should change the charger adapter. Also, avoid using just any charger adapter or charging cable to charge your phone, each phone has a specific voltage requirement needed to charge it effectively and your charger should meet these needs. Ensure you replace your charging cable by buying from credible stores like Carlcare offices who sell original products.

Switch off your phone.

Sometimes, your phone is actually receiving power from your charger and your wall adapter is working well, but there’s a glitch with your phone software acknowledging that the phone is charging thus the battery status bar doesn’t change. Switching off your phone might correct this. You can also hard reset your phone by pressing the volume and power button. Then try charging it, if it responds to charging then that might have been the issue.

Check the cell phone’s charging port.

We often put our phones in our pockets and other places without a protective pouch that protects the charging port. Dirt and debris can enter the charging port and cause the charger not to connect completely with the phone. Get a light source and look into your phones charging port. If you find visible dirt and debris, get a soft toothbrush and use it to clean the phone charging port. You can also use a cue tip to do this. Avoid using things like toothpicks or paper clips. A toothpick can easily get broken into your charging port and even damage your charging port. Paper clips are metallic thus can conduct electricity. They are also sharp and can cause injuries. If after removing debris and dirt, try charging, if it works then you’re good to go.