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Gadgets fix your lost data on your hard drive.

Firstly, At Data we fix we offer data recovery services for all types of media, Specialising in hard drive recovery we cover:

Secondly, Hard disks can experience mechanical failure in many different ways, and as a consequence, there are many potential symptoms for you to look out for.

Thirdly, Regardless of the symptom, the solution will almost certainly require the faulty component to be replaced. This should always be done within a certified clean room to ensure there is no further damage to the hard drive.

Fourthly, The most common failure is motor failure after a drive is dropped or knocked whilst in operation. This can result in a full or partial seizure of the motor bearing assembly. Symptoms of this vary but can include a very loud buzzing noise if the motor is partially seized or a quiet buzz if the motor has seized to the point that it can no longer spin at all.

You may read more about the other common symptoms of mechanical failure by accessing the information in our hard disc failuresection.

Hard disc failure

Finally, In most cases the heads, or a foreign object, make contact with the platter and damage it. Most commonly this damage is localised to a specific area of the platter, in some more rare cases, this damage can destroy the platter surface entirely and leave only dust within the drive.

In these circumstances, the only way to assess the level of damage to the platter, is to take the hard drive apart, and visually inspect it under an appropriate microscope.

This should only really ever be done in a certified clean room as the danger is that you may introduce dust particles into the hard drive and compound the problem.

At Data we fix we can recover data memory card data if its been wiped. Data fix, we have built a Data we fix clean room to recover data from hard drives in situations such as this.

If you drop your pc or laptop it most likely caused some kind of hard drive mechanical failure where one of the core components of the hard drive has been damaged. Since the failure is mechanical rather than logical, do not try to run any recovery software as this could make the problem worse.

We see PCs and laptops on almost a daily basis that have taken some sort of knock or bash. Our engineers are highly experienced in repairing damaged hard drives or, if necessary, extracting their files if the hard drive itself is unrecoverable.

Gadgets fix Pen drives repairs.

If you bend the housing of the memory stick. Due to the small and portable nature of USB sticks, they are sometimes easy to accidentally damage. We deal with this kind of problem on a regular basis and our engineers are adept at performing 

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