MacBook Air 2022 — everything we know so far

Firstly, GadgetsFix has learned that rumours of a new MacBook Air 2022 are in the air after Apple’s unveiling of the new 14-inch MacBook Pro 2021 and 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021 packing new M1 Pro or M1 Max chips.

Secondly, Apple is under pressure to deliver an even more impressive version of its affordable ultraportable. The MacBook Air’s design is looking a little long in the tooth compared to slim and light laptops from the likes of Dell. Current rumours point towards a new design with thinner display bezels, a more powerful M2 chip and a whole suite of new colours. So read on for everything we know so far about the MacBook Air 2022. 

MacBook Air 2022 news and rumours

Thirdly, Apple tipster Mark Gurman has said that we’ll see a new and redesigned MacBook Air in 2022. New renders supposedly based on leaked Apple CAD information have the MacBook Air 2022 tipped to not get a notch. 

MacBook Air 2022 possible release date

Fourthly, The MacBook Air 2022 has been tipped for 2022 by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman but we have not heard anything more specific thus far. 

That leaves us in the realm of guesswork. We’d cautiously suggest the next MacBook Air could arrive in the spring of 2022, as Apple has previously released new MacBook Air laptops around that time. It would also give people a fresh alternative to the new MacBook Pro machine, which are seriously pricey and very much for professionals. 

According to a reasonably reliable tech tipster, the MacBook Air 2022 could be joined by a MacBook Pro 2022 that’s expected to arrive in the second half of 2022.

MacBook Air 2022 price speculation

Currently, the most affordable way to get a MacBook, the Air starts at $999. We’d expect Apple to mostly stick with that pricing in order to keep competitive with Windows laptops. 

But like a lot of Apple devices, expect that price to jump up when additional RAM and storage is added in. 

MacBook Air 2022 design

Expected MacBook Air Redesign

The reason why you should hold out for the MacBook Air 2022 over the current MacBook Air M1 is that the rumoured next-gen model could have a redesign. 

Slimmer bezels are expected and one of the 5 things we want from the next MacBook Air. However, that could also mean a notch in the top of the display for the camera.

Reportedly based on CAD designs from supposedly within Apple, show a MacBook Air 2022 with no display notch after all. This might be good news for people who are very anti-notch. But it could mean the next MacBook Air won’t benefit from getting super-slim bezels.

And the screen is tipped it use a mini-LED display like the iPad Pro 2021 and new MacBook Pros. 

More colours are also expected, seeing Apple move away from just Space Gray and Silver. Off-white has been tipped along with other colours that draw inspiration from the pastel hues of the iMac 2021.

The Force Touch trackpad is one of the best around. After Apple moved to re-adopting a scissor key mechanism, typing on MacBooks has been greatly improved. 

MacBook Air 2022 MagSafe and ports

MagSafe charging was seen as a defining feature, one that separated Apple from PCs got for longtime MacBook fans. Unfortunately, Apple removed MagSafe following fire safety concerns and a switch to USB Type-C. 

But with MagSafe now back on the new MacBook Pros, it’s likely to make its way over to the next MacBook Air. And the rumours thus far have hinted at it coming back to the next-gen Air as well. 

However, while the new MacBook Pros also got an SD card reader and HDMI port, one detailed leak claims that the MacBook Air could stick with USB-C ports only.

MacBook Air 2022 specs

The MacBook Air made waves by coming with the M1 chip, a slice of silicon designed by Cupertino’s engineers. The MacBook Air is tipped to get the Apple M2 chip. This chip is expected to favour efficiency over the raw performance offered by the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. 

The MacBook Air chip has codenamed Ibiza and it could be based on a 3-nanometer process.

RAM and storage are to start at the same amounts as the current Air, with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD space. But Apple could offer 16GB of RAM and storage up to 1TB for the MacBook Air 2022. 

MacBook Air 2022 outlook

Lastly, While the current MacBook Air is rather good, it’s arguably due to a redesign. And that is what the rumours are pointing toward for the MacBook Air 2022. Check out our other reports on