How Gadgets Fix repair Charger Port and Battery.


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Your laptop or phone might not charge for a variety of reasons, one being a loose connector or a deformed charging port. After identifying where the laptop charging issue stems from, i.e. the charger port, you might have to disassemble the laptop.

A more in-depth look will help you identify the specific parts that need to be replaced. That being said, we strongly recommend you ask for more technical and professional assistance if you feel out of your depth with this repair.

To fix a laptop or phone charging port, you need to first identify the source of the problem. If the power jack is connected to the motherboard, you can easily remove and replace it.

On the other hand, if the power jack goes soldered to the motherboard, you’ll have to des-older it and replace it with a good one. You could also replace the power connection setup with a pigtail if you can’t find a working jack.

The damage to the port could be severe, calling for prongs and a screwdriver to set the port connectors back to a proper shape. You can also use tweezers to set them back into shape.

How to Identify the Problem

First, check if the charger is outputting the correct voltage, Presuming the charger is working, then the problem lies in the laptop’s battery. If that’s the case, you’ll most likely have to replace the battery altogether.

On the inside, you will see the motherboard with transistors and capacitors. A common tell of failed adapters is swollen or popped capacitors. You can resolve this now minor issue by getting another capacitor of the same capacity (they are cheap) and replacing the faulty one.

Check the continuity of the cables  using a volmeterto ensure the cables are not broken. Be extremely careful not to touch the PCB board when the adapter is connected to AC power. If the DC cable outlet has an issue, then you can replace it entirely at this stage.

Gadgets fix charging port

Replacing your laptops or phone charger port needs one to have knowledge of how to open up the model you have. A laptop technician’s labor rate can be radically different in another city. To avoid exorbitant prices, look up how to disassemble your laptop model until you get to the motherboard. 

The power port is soldered onto the board, and you might find it loose and won’t maintain contact. Look for your laptop’s port online and solder it back onto the motherboard.