Inside the iPhone 3GS

We see the insides of iPhones every day, and we thought it would be nice if we could let you see what’s inside them.

For the first blog post in this series, we have disassembled a iPhone 3GS.

Inside the iPhone 3GS


  1. Digitiser with frame
    1. Home Button
    2. Ear piece and proximity sensor
  2. LCD – displays the actual picture
  3. Logic / Mother Board – the brains of the phone
  4. Battery
  5. Audio and power loom – headphone jack, power button, volume button and silent switch
  6. Back Housing
  7. Camera
  8. Dock – this has a number of functions: antenna, charging dock, mic and loudspeaker
  9. Vibration Motor

Check back soon for more posts, the iPhone 4 post will be posted in the next few days!

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