IP Security camera with remote control from your phone.

Brief Description :

This IP Security Camera provides an integrated wireless and wired IP monitoring system with easy and quick installation. 

It combines a high-quality digital camera with network connectivity and a powerful web server to bring clear 

and real-time video image to your PC and mobile devices from everywhere through local networks or the internet. 

This IP camera is widely used in baby/pet care, warehouse monitoring, traffic monitoring and many other scenarios. 

It is very useful and convenient to monitor special places such as your home and office.


1. 720P video recording

2. Mobile APP/Tablet remote monitoring, 24 hours work, real-time online

3. Rotating camera, stereo monitoring (horizontal 355 degrees, vertical 120 degrees)

4. Motion detection, mobile internet, alarm information is pushed to the mobile phone, and the picture is pushed to the mailbox.

5. Alarms or timed photos are automatically uploaded to personal cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive)

6. Night vision monitoring and detection

7. Dual mode connection, WiFi and Ethernet cable

8. Industry-leading network security encryption technology, passed the German OBL network security certification

9. Multi-point monitoring control, central alarm and other functions can be realized through PC client or IE browser software.

10. The hardware is certified by German OBL and SGS laboratories, including CE, ROHS, REACH, electromagnetic compatibility 10 meters distance, 27 human toxicity tests, etc.

11. The software is certified by the German OBL laboratory

12. Support Europe 14 languages

13. Reserve alarm 4PIN interface, support external alarm device signal