Gadgets Fix sound & vision


Sound on your device

Each device has a number of microphones and speakers 

1 normal call earpiece mic

2 hands-free speaker mic

3 headphones/ earphones / mic

Trouble shooting sound

  • Hardware every device has a number of features per device
  • Software on the device has a number of ways to repair software

Taking pictures and video

  • Rear camera and front camera
  • exernal camera adapt
  • Storage

Trouple shooting camera

  • Hardware the camera lens either digital or mechanical zoom or cables
  • Software might be damaged or changed connectivity

How gadgets fix work

Firstly Gadgets fix your screen on an iPhone, Android phones, MacBook, laptop, and tablets.

Secondly, the repair to the charging port or replacement battery reinstates your device to factory condition.

Thirdly Gadgets fix use original parts

Fourthly we offer a warranty and your data is always safe

Lastly, we offer better value than the brands and offer a speedy fix as we do all repairs in-house.

Our success rate is 97% and we complete most repairs while you wait.