Keyboards and Mouse Pads

The keyboard is one of the main devices on a laptop; it has enough exposed areas to let the smallest things such as dust, crumbs and fluids inside. A simple thing such as this can certainly affect the performance of your keyboard.

It is often that keys can become loose and although it seems like a simple issue to fix, it can be the beginning of many other arising problems. When a key falls of the keyboard, the hinges that are attached to it can break, meaning the only possible option would be to make a complete replacement of the keyboard. Other problems such as a fault with the motherboard or a detached connection cable can also cause the keyboard not to work.

At Gadgets fix we can ensure that any fault with your keyboard will be fully detected, to avoid the smallest problem escalating in to a larger one that can’t be avoided.

Although a keyboard is generally a low tech device with no electronics membrane switches, problems can still arise due to missing/damaged keys or keys fail.

If a key has fallen off it may be a quick and easy job to repair. However if the hinges are broken that attach the key, then the repair may not be possible and a new keyboard is needed. If your keyboard will not work at all then it may be that the connecting cable has detached from the motherboard or there is a fault on the motherboard rendering the keyboard inactive.

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