LCD Repairs

Our team has dedicated technicians, who can repair your device while you wait. On occasion, there are several types of screens that fit your device. If this is the case, we may need to inspect your device to confirm the best solution. In most cases we can  fix your device while you wait depending on how busy it is & parts availability. All our parts carry a 90 day warrant.

How does Gadgets fix Leeds repair your Display

Your device could have up to five different screens options & only one may be compatible.

LCD screens can fail in one or more of the following ways; the screen may be cracked, smashed or leaking ‘ink’, it may show lines, random images, black dots or show a very dark ghost type image.

Cracks may be caused by accident, or sometimes when the lid is opened quickly. If the screen shows any signs of physical damage, including losing ‘ink’, then it must be replaced, it cannot be economically repaired. If the screen shows lines, dots or random characters then the fault may be either caused by a faulty screen, motherboard fault or defective cable where it passes though the laptop hinge.

A very dark screen (ghost image) can be caused by a faulty screen, but is more often caused by the backlight lamp, broken cable, faulty motherboard or faulty switch.

So what looks like a screen fault may not be caused by another component, here at we pride ourselves on giving the customer the most economical option and will always go down the cheapest route without sacrificing any workmanship. The model of the laptop does not help as there could be 3 versions of LCD we will need the laptop in for inspection to check for the right type for your machine.

Touch Digitisers – If the digitiser is cracked but still works, the glass can become a health hazard as shards of glass can become embedded into your fingers.

Water and damp can get into the LCD and onto the main board which can cause more damage to the device and its features. The digitiser may not be responsive which means the gadgets features may be rendered unusable and will need replacing.

Gadgets Fix has trained technicians who will take great care in taking apart your device to replace the broken LCD/touch screen. Our technicians clean the inside of the device before sourcing and replacing the correct screen for your model. This type of repair can normally be carried out on the same day depending on part availability.

We may have to order parts which are unique for your repair; in which case we will quote 3-5 working days. Our success rate is 98%. Both our parts and labour carry a 90 day warranty.