book into gadgets fixAt Gadgets fix we can successfully repair laptop motherboards and have no problem with identifying possible faults that need fixing.

Motherboards can easily become damaged due to abuse, if you accidently drop your laptop it can cause connectors to become lose which then create problems with the actual keyboard.

Generally motherboards replacements are not the cheapest; however we allow you to choose from a number of options before we start the work. Therefore you will have a clear understanding about the process and how much it may cost.

Power connection faults

Power connection faults are one of the the most common faults and may show one or more of the following symptoms:-

  1. Moving the power connector may cause the charging light to come on briefly or when the connector is in a certain position.
  2. The charging light does not illuminate no matter what position the connector is moved to.
  3. The battery may discharge when the device is turned on or when charging from the mains.
  4. You may notice that the power connector is hot when you remove the plug.
  5. A smell of burning may be noticed when the laptop is powered on or when charging from the mains.
  6. Board repair gadgets fix

The power connector used on the majority of laptops is of very poor design as the strain of insertion and movement is taken by a few solder joints on the connector where it joins the motherboard. Failure occurs due to metal fatigue of the solder joints.

Complete failure may not occur, this is why wiggling the connector can often cause the laptop to start charging again, however it can equally cause the connection to heat up and burn.

At GFX Fix, we do not just solder the old power connector, we replace the full power ’jack’. Power connector replacement is a very time consuming job that takes a great deal of care and experience.

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