Nintendo Wii Repair

Nintendo Wii

Repair Costs

Laser £45
Inspection Fee £25

Common Issues

Laser problems – DRE (Disk Read Error)

Is you console not reading games or displaying an error code on the screen saying “The game disc could not be read”?

This problem is caused by the Wii’s Laser malfunctioning. Using media that is scratched or dirty can cause your laser to fail or lasers can fail after continued usage. Causing the Wii to not read optical media.

Here at gadgets fix we replace your Wii laser with a brand new optical laser array stopping any of the problems noted above. We also provide a three month warranty on any laser we fit, so if it does stop working again for any reason we will replace it without charge.

 If you need any further information about Wii repairs or any other services Gadgets Fix offer please e-mail us or give us a call.