Power Issues

Five reasons why your device won’t Turn on.

The first reason may be that the battery on either your phone, tablet or laptop may have an insufficient battery.

1 The battery indicator on your device normally gives you a false reading to say that it’s fully working. However, the cells in the battery might be dying and may reduce in battery quite quickly.

An ideal solution would be to change your battery every two years, due to modern-day phones, tablets, and some laptops having in-built batteries.

In some cases, the battery might be so severe that it has started to expand and cause damage to your device. Extreme cases the battery could LEAK onto your device or worse still could catch FIRE if the chemicals mixed together while the battery has expanded and can cause a fire or even worse EXPLODE.

2 The second most common issue regarding the power is due to the Charging Port or dark has been damaged. When putting the charger lead/power cable into the port it doesn’t make contacts inside might be severely damaged. This will require a new port, each device has a different type of charging port and will require the device to be disassembled so that a new port could be soldered on for glue.

3 The third most common power issue may be your device requires a new charging cable. This is a common factor to not being able to charge your device. The power cable might be cracked inside the plastic. The pins may have been bent or missing. This will not make barley any or no contact with the charging port. Therefore no power is getting to the board to turn on and the battery of the device to charge. 

4 The fourth reason why the device is NOT turning on is that connection on the board. As there are power tracks from the charging port onto the motherboard, which not only charges the device to turn on but also allows the battery to charge. One of the tracks or both might be damaged. Furthermore, another reason could be the charging ic (Integrated chip) may be damaged that can either be repaired or replaced.

5  The fifth reason why the power goes from your device is that it could be firmware updates from Apple, Android, or Windows.which can damage the firmware. Common issues include the device may boot loop on the power screen.