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if($action[‘Error’] == 0){ if($action[‘Action’][‘completed’]){ $status = ‘Completed’; } else { if($action[‘Action’][‘parts’]){ $status = ‘Parts’; } else { $status = ‘In progress’; } } } else { $status = ‘Error’; } } } ?>



The work on your device has been completed. Please note that this does not nessesarilly mean that the device is fully repaired, just that there is no more work we can do on it. You should have been contacted via SMS, if not please ring the repair centre to enquire the full status of your repair.

Your device is waiting for a part to come in. Dependent on where the part is being shipped from this can take anywhere from 2 days to 4 weeks. Please ring the repair centre to enquire additional details.

Your repair is currently being worked on. Dependent on the workload of our repair centre, normally it should be completed within 3 days providing no other dates were arranged prior to the start of this repair. You will be contacted via SMS when the status of this repair will change. If you didn’t leave a contact number at the repair centre please ring to enquire the full status of this repair.


It appears that you have entered incorrect information regarding your repair. If you believe the information is correct please contact our repair centre by phone. Thankyou

There has been an internal error within our repair enquiry system. Please be patient as we diagnose and rectify the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please contact our repair centre by phone if you wish to know your repair’s status. Thank you.



Engineer’s notes: