Casing repairs

Gadgets fix can replace the back glass of your iPhone and android phone.
Gadgets fix have an exciting new process can be completed the same working day.
Replacing the glass back ensures your phone
1 does not get liquid damage
2 stops you from being cut by shards of glass.
3 Keeps the value on the phone which saves you from losing 50% when selling in a broken state.
4 Saves you a fortune from apple and the value of the phone which would cost you up to £700. in total. apple, take your phone for free to fix & sell later and charge you up to £400 for another phone.

Apple price list for out of warranty repairs Gadgets Fix Price
£566 iPhone 10 , 11 & 12 Pro Max £100
£526 iPhone 10 , 11 & 12 Pro £100
£426 iPhone 10 , 11 & 12 XR 12 mini
£370 iPhone 8 and 8 plus £79

Personal design
Mobile phone & laptops
We can also provide a personal design for the glass back which will allow you to engrave a personal design that ensures the phone or laptop looks great.

Engraved designs can reduce the chance of theft of your device and your data.

Customise your gadgets by engraving your own design