Why do repairing glass backs on iPhones matter to you?

Firstly, your device does not get liquid damage

Secondly, stops you from being cut by shards of glass.

Apple repairs Glass/Port Apple price Gadgets Fix Price
iPhone 10 , 11 & 12 Pro Max £566 £100
iPhone 10 , 11 & 12 Pro £526 £100
iPhone 10 , 11 & 12 XR 12 mini
£420 £100
iPhone 8 and 8 plus £370 £59

Engraving personal designs on your iPhone, smartphone, and MacBook.

Firstly, We can engrave a personal design for the glass back which will allow you to engrave a personal design that ensures the phone or laptop looks great.

Secondly, Engraved designs can reduce the chance of theft of your device and your data.

Thirdly, We insert in the phone and mac book a tracking device which if stolen can be traced back to our database.

Fourthly, Gadgets fix ensures your iPhone smartphone and MacBook has all the main parts inside your device are also personalized to your id on our database with your unique number.

Fifthly, This allows your phone to be traced and harder to steal.

All major parts inside your phone are linked to your hidden account in our database.

Finally, The set-up fee is £50 and the annual fee is £25 which gives you an 80% chance of recovery. The police and Home Office are endorsing this service.