Screen damage

Positive impact on your lifestyle

Gadgets Fix had a client come to our store with a phone which had a cracked screen on her Apple iPhone XS. She had dropped it while on the loo from her jeans back pocket. The screen was badly cracked with liquid damage and would not turn on.

Apple wanted to charge her new phone at market price and take the broken phone in as a part exchange so they recycle. Not only was she going to LOSE HER DATA but would have come in at a hefty price.

The screen comes in 3 parts, the touch glass digitizer, the OLED screen, the frame, and cables. We cleaned the components and replaced the screen within 1 HOUR. All her DATA was saved and she walked away with a working phone much cheaper than the brands offer.

The client was overwhelmed with joy NOT only did she NOT lose her DATA and phone with all functions working normally.

We also fitted a complimentary tempered glass.

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