Smart Phone Repairs

 Android smart phone repairs

Android smart phone repairs

Price depends from the model and the type of damage to the phone

We exceed expectations in the industry for fast affordable repairs

We offer a service solution for the vast majority of smart and mobile phones currently available. This means we are able to rapidly turn around your broken Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony or Nokia phones. We keep most parts in stock for most current and popular smart phone models so we are able to offer a while you wait repair service for the majority of faults that may develop with these brands of mobile phones.

Our company focuses primarily on iPhones¬† and android but we are still asked to regularly repair different brands such as the Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Sony’s Z range, the Samsung Galaxy range and HTC. Our dedication to a fast turnaround means the vast majority of the time we will have the required part and in stock and be able to repair your smart phone within the hour.

Drop into our new store Gadgets fix 94 Albion St, Leeds LS1 6AD or Drop off at Fx Print, Harrogate Rd, & Jaffry Stores

What we specialise in

1 The repair is time consuming.

2 Brand new original OEM parts

4 Carries 90 days (Warranty see our terms and conditions)

5 duration to repair on (iPhone 1-3 HRS) Laptop/ Tablets & Smart Phones within 1hr  to 7 days depending on parts availability and ongoing work traffic

4 Your data is completely safe subject to any other non reported damage.

Useful things to know

Gadgets Fix have the highest 5 star reviews in one year by 1300 clients on facebook and Google.

Gadgets Fix will always book you in and give you a full receipt and looking after your device from start to finish.

Gadgets Fix have been repairing devices since 2000.

Gadgets fix have a 95% success rate (on water damage 75% depending on Time and Liquid)

Gadgets Fix knows as well:

The construction on modern high end smart phones means extreme care and attention to detail, the build type offers no margin for error, and the materials used are often expensive and not easily replaced, we will always ensure the metal or housing sustains no damage while it is in our workshop. Very little attention is given to this aspect by many repair shops, which often employ kludge repair methods we will not only ensure your mobile phone is repaired but also adequately and without introducing other faults