Smashed Screen Facts

Its a fact Smashed screens twenty three percent have a cracked screen based on 1000 people surveyed on phone. 54% of men have their screens repaired in the first week leaving only 38% of women to get their phone fixed. 39% of phone users come from the age group 16 to 26 which is most likely to drop their phone. This 3 times more likely than 55-75 group. 6% of phone users are children as young 7-15 age group where 31% have cracked screens. This new group is given phones from relatives recycling to family members. 45% of cracked screens owners have found it difficult to see their screen or use their phones. 35% have found the cracked screen difficult to touch and 15% have cut themselves from the shards of glass. 10% of phones are disabled after the cracked screen inputs the wrong password with data is lost forever. 74% use a case that fails to protect the phone & scratches the back with trapped grit. 85% of all new phones have screens and cases made of glass between 1- 2ml thick.

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