Smashed screen repairs

iPhone, smart phone & tablet screen repairs.

Positive impact on your lifestyle: on smashed screens.

Gadgets fix can replace your screen in a matter of minutes in most cases. We have 20 years experience of replacing screens. Gadgetsfix replace screens for iPhones, smart phone, macbooks, laptops, iPads, android tablets , watches and many other gadgets.

Your screen can comprise of a Digitiser (Touch glass) with either an LCD, OLED or Retiner display which are bonded together as display with frame and cables with Original OEM parts.

We have to disassemble your device and remove your original damaged screen and replace, fit, connect and secure the replacement parts. We then have to re-assemble your device.

What we specialise in

1 A speedy replacement fitted by qualified and experienced colleagues.

2 Brand new original OEM parts

4 Carries 90 days (Warranty see our terms and conditions)

5 duration to repair on (iPhone 20mins -3 HRS) Laptop/ Tablets & Smart Phones within 1hr  to 7 days depending on parts availability and on going work traffic

6 Your data is completely safe subject to any other non reported damage.

Useful things to know

Gadgets Fix have the highest 5 star reviews in one year by 1300 clients on facebook and Google.

Gadgets Fix will always book you in and give you a full receipt and will be looking after your device from start to finish.

Gadgets Fix have been repairing devices since 2000.

Gadgets fix have a 95% success rate (on water damage 75% depending on Time and Liquid)

Gadgets fix have a repair tracker on our website where you can live updates

A customers experience

Gadgets Fix had a client came to our store with a phone which had a cracked screen on her iPhone XS. She had dropped it in the toilet from her jeans back pocket. The screen was badly cracked with liquid damage and would not turn on.

     The branded store wanted to charge her for a recycled phone at market price and take the broken phone in as a part exchange for recycling. Not only was she going to lose her data but the brands price would have come in at a high price. The client saved 50% at Gadgets Fix.

     The screen comes in 3 parts, the touch glass digitiser, the OLED screen, the frame and cables. We cleaned the components and replaced the screen within 1 hour. All her data was saved and she walked away with a working phone much cheaper than the brands offer.

    The client was overwhelmed with joy not only did she NOT lose her data and recovered her phone with all functions working normally. We also fitted a complimentary tempered glass.

book in now for your screen repair for your iphone smart phone, macbook, Laptop, iPad and tablet at gadgetsfix

Survey on our customers Smashed screens conducted by GadgetsFix

23% have a cracked screen based on 1000 people surveyed on phone.

54% of men have their screens repaired in the first week leaving only 38% 3 weeks

39% of phone users come from the age group 16 to 26 which is most likely to drop their phone.                ……..This group is 3 times more likely than 55-75 group. 5% damage comes from the back pocket.

6% of phone users are children as young 7-15 age group where 31% have cracked screens.

45% of cracked screens owners have found it difficult to see their screen or use their phone.

35% have found cracked screen difficult to touch & 15% have been cut from the glass shards.

6% phones are disabled after the cracked screen inputs the wrong password resulting in data loss.

74% use a case that fails to protect the phone also traps liquid & grit that scratches the back.

85% of all new phones have screens and backs made of glass between 1- 2ml thick.

smashed screens on tablets phones macbook, laptops & and smart phones gadgets fix

 3 simple tips on avoiding damage to your phone and data

1     Use a case which protects the front and back on the phone display is made of glass only 1-2ml thick.. It’s like driving a car without a bumper bar. Most cases looks good and is purely cosmetic, but does not protect your phone. Our bumper cushions the fall with a soft rubbery silicone case which is clear, stylish & comes with impact protection.

2    Always use a reputable repair centre as some companies subsidise the repair while removing internal parts from your phone & also wiping your data.

3   Gadgets fix repair your phone within an hour depending on complications or parts availability and offer warranty on repairs while protecting your data.

Bumper FX protective clear case 
which cushions any impact