Terms and conditions

You will also need to agree to the following Terms & Conditions if you wish for us to repair your device

  1.     I understand Gadgets fix is not responsible for any software or data loss on my device. I am solely responsible for backing up the data on my device prior to Gadgets fix undertaking any repair work. Gadgets Fix may factory reset my device during repairs which will result in total data loss only at the last resort. Gadgets Fix will always try to preserve your data and only in extreme circumstances will the data be lost
  2.     I understand that if my device has sustained any liquid damage prior to sending my device to Gadgets Fix, I will not hold Gadgets Fix for any future failure on the device after repairs have been completed.
  3.     I understand that any remaining warranties on my device may be invalidated when to Gadgets Fix undertake any inspection or repair work. I understand I am responsible for checking with the manufacturer if any repair work undertaken by to Gadgets Fix may invalidate any warranty.
  4.     I understand that my warranty with to Gadgets Fix will be void if I damage, scratch, scuff or mark my repaired LCD screen assembly or digitiser glass. Also, If I take my repaired device to another company and or if my device is opened after  Gadgets Fix have completed the repairs and or have instigated and further repairs will invalidate our warranty. Any broken warranty seals will invalidate my warranty. The client is responsible to return the  device which has been repaired back to Gadgets Fix
  5.     I agree that any device that has sustained any bends to chassis, housing, casing, frame prior to screen replacements will not be covered by to Gadgets Fix warranty at any time after repairs have been completed.
  6.     I agree to waive my warranty with to Gadgets Fix if my device has a bend in chassis prior to and after repairs.
  7.     I understand that to Gadgets Fix is not responsible for any device that may become disabled due to password or iCloud locks or any other security feature after the repair is complete.
  8.     I agree that if after 3 months I have not paid or collected my device after I have been contacted by email, phone or letter regarding my repair, to Gadgets Fix will automatically recycle my device to recover costs.
  9.     If I am sending my device by post, I agree to pay the return postage costs whether my device has been repaired or not. I understand to Gadgets Fix may send my device back to me using Royal Mail Recorded service or an approved courier if my device is not repairable.
  10.    I understand that I am responsible for postage at any time.
  11.    On return of repair to your location you will take a picture of the packaging if there is signs of damage or interference of seals and or pictures of damages to the device within 60 mins of delivery
  12.    I understand that Gadgets fix is franchise run by Gadgets EFX limited which is in your contract

I Agree With The Terms & Conditions (Please Sign):__________________________________

If you continue with the repairing the device with Gadgets Fix

Your 12 month warranty for parts Repair Warranty:

 Labour 90 day warranty

All repairs (with the exception of software related, battery, board repair and water damaged devices) come with 12 -month warranty on parts 90 day warranty for labour. Warranty excludes faults relating to physical or accidental damage, liquid ingress or if the device is opened whilst in your possession after we have carried out a repair. If the nature of the repair falls outside the terms of your warranty or guarantee, then you may incur a charge for the repair.

If you take your device to a third party after it has been repaired by to Gadgets Fix, this will void your repair warranty on your device. This includes both repaired and purchased devices.

All software related repairs will not be covered by our warranty.

The warranty only covers the original repair. For example, if we have fitted a new part and the part becomes faulty due to electronic failure, we will replace under warranty. The warranty does not include accidental damage, misuse, liquid ingress or acts of nature to your repaired device.