Terms & Conditions

Gadgets Fix terms & conditions


  • Gadgets Fix limited reserve the right to charge a non refundable inspection fee which is deducted from the final repair and unlocking fee. Gadgets fix Limited will then quote if further parts or work will be required Gadgets Fix reserve the right to a top limit of the repair which is agreed by both the owner and repairer prior to commencement of the repair.  Dropping or liquid damage to the gadget can cause further damage which is not noticed prior to booking in. Backup of clients data may not be available at all times due to the devices current hardware/software configuration.


  • Gadgets Fix will warranty all repairs and unlocks for 90 days from collection from the store. This warranty excludes water damage, updating software and work to mother board or graphic cards and or  further accidental damage not noticed or reported by either party before or after the repair or unlock. If the gadget is returned to Gadget Fix under warranty and the repair is unrelated to previous issues then a further inspection fee will be required. Gadgets Fix is not responsible for your data and it’s the clients responsibility to back up any needed data before work is carried out. Software updates for any smart phones or laptop can cause the device not to function as intended & will be excluded from our warranty


  • Gadgets fix require pin numbers passwords, network details and back up details to speed up efficiency of services. Any none disclosure can delay repair and add to the cost.


  • Gadgets Fix will try to repair and or unlock the goods while you wait but can take up to five working days excluding ordering parts and or if busy or any complications which arise due to the nature of the repair.


  • Any soldering, liquid damage, extreme impact damage or repair to any part of the LCD,  mother board, case, buttons and screen issues carries some risk which might be caused by the original damage or from the nature of the repair. This happens in only one in ten of all our repairs but Gadgets Fix reserve the right to be excluded from any financial responsibility due to nature of the repair. Power adapters and Audio jack repairs on Apple iPod’s and other portable devices  are delicate  and require careful use when the repair is completed.


  • Gadgets fix will hold any completed repair for up to 40 days from completion but if the client does not pick up or pay for the repair after this time Gadgets fix reserve the right to recycle the item  for parts