Tips for extending your battery life

So, you like everything about your iPhone, except its battery life because it sucks. Well, today we thought that we may give you some top tips which would conserve your iPhone’s battery life. Below are some tips that could improve your iOS device’s battery life, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

1. Turn off Bluetooth: If you use Bluetooth very rarely, you can turn it off to save some power. (How to? Go to settings > General > Bluetooth, and then disable Bluetooth)

2. Disable Location Services: Location Services allows applications such as Maps, Camera, and Compass to use information from cellular, Wi-Fi1, and Global Positioning System (GPS)2 networks to determine your approximate location. These applications actively use your Location Services, and that may reduce your battery. (How to? Go to settings > Location Services, and then either turn off your Location Services completely or reduce the number applications that use Location Services from the list.)

3. Turn off Wifi: When you’re out and about, and using 3G instead, you can turn off your Wifi to save some power. (How to? Go to settings > Wifi, and disable Wifi.)

4. Disable Time Zone Adjustments: Most people who use iOS 5 on their iPhone consider this to be the most effective way of conserving their battery life. This is a location-based feature in the phone that detects when you’ve physically moved to a different time zone and then resets the phone’s clock accordingly may be the problem. Thus, it is sending and recieving data constantly in order to determine the phone’s location rather than doing so only on occasion, and this reduces your device’s battery. (How to? Go to settings > Location Services > System Services, and then set Time Zone adjustment to ‘Off’.)

5. Brightness: Decreasing the brightness of your iPhone is another way of extending your iPhone’s battery life. Also, turning on Auto-Brightness allows the screen to adjust its brightness based on the lighting condition. (How to? Go to Settings > Brightness, and then adjust the brightness. Also to turn the Auto-Brightness, go to Settings > Brightness and set Auto-Brightness)