Top 10 Fixes

Top 10 Fixes


Updated 16/5/12


1. iPhone 4/S LCD & Digitiser Replacement.

This month has seen a big influx in Apple iPhone 4 Digitiser & LCD Replacements.Unlike the Apple iPhone 3GS, these come as a single unit and you have to replace both at once.


2. Liquid Damage.

Ever dropped your phone in Liquid? Don’t worry hope is not lost. We are able to repair over 80% of all liquid damaged phones keeping your pictures and information intact. The key to success with liquid damage of any sort is make sure you take out the devices battery as soon as the incident happens and get it in to us as soon as you can.


3. Samsung Galaxy S2 LCD/Digitiser Replacement.

As with most new high end smartphones in order to save space. The LCD & Digitiser for the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes as a single unit so you cannot replace a digitiser without an LCD or vice versa.


4. Blackberry LCD.

We currently have in stock all current Blackberry LCD’s and are able to change an LCD within an hour.


5. Apple iPhone 3gs Digitiser.

Unlike the iPhone 4/4S we are still able to replace just iPhone digitizers’ or LCD’s separately. We are also able to do these within one hour.


6. Apple iPhone software problems.

Is your iPhone not booting, randomly reseting or stuck at a connect to iTunes logo. We are able to fix most iPhone software problems while you wait.  iPhone Jailbreaks are also possible within thirty minutes.


7. Macbook Pro LCD

Dropped your shiny Apple Macbook Pro? We are able to repair all Macbook/Macbook Pro LCD screens within three working days.


8. Laptop power pin

Has your laptop stopped charging? Does the power adapter feel loose when you plug it in? We carry most common laptop power pins in stock and if you get your laptop in to us first thing in the morning we could get it back to you for six pm the sameday!


9. Mobile phone battery’s

Is your mobile not powering on? Or not staying charged ? We carry a wide variety of mobile phone battery’s and can swap your old battery for a brand new one while you wait.


10. Mobile phone bootloader repair.

Does your phone not power on at all? Have other repair centers turned your repair away as unrepairble? At Gadget Fix we have invested in new technology known as JTAG. Which is able to reprogram mobile phone bootloader’s as they do in the factory.