Water Damage FAQ

Gadgets Fix is here to save you from all these phone disasters! If you drop your phone in water then remove it from the water ASAP- VERY IMPORTANT!

Turn it off immediately.

Your phone will most likely have water damage which can be repaired by our specialist technicians- we have a 98% rate of fixing gadgets.

If the phone has a sim card in then please remove it and any covers or extras you may have such as earphones.

DO NOT use a hairdryer to dry the phone out with!

Finally test your phone after 24 hours or so, better still get Gadgets Fix to test the phone and do all the hard work for you! Let our technicians take your phone apart and sort it out for you.

Also to clean the headphone jack: Clean the jack with some rubbing alcohol with a damp towel. Cleaning the headphone jack will make your music sound better.



By: Dorit-Samantha Vaknine