we fixed a students encrypted macbook which was beer damaged

A happy ending

Gadgets fix had a student into our new store on 94 Albion street who was extremely distraught as Apple was unable to fix his beer damaged Macbook. The logic board was dead and Apple quoted £500. Worst still his hard drive was locked to the logic board with a 30 character encryption code. A new logic board would not have allowed the client to recover his data.

The client had over a thousand music tracks which he composed along with his final dissertation on his hard drive which had to be in a few days. 

Within 48 hours we repaired his previously dead logic board at a fraction of Apple’s price. The client’s hard drive powered on and we recovered all his data.

He was overwhelmed with happiness seeing his macbooks come to life. Better still his files were still intact and he successfully graduated from university.

Gadgets fix success rates

Our average success rate is 95% on repairs and on liquid damage or board repairs is 75% to 85% successful.

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Gadgets fix tip on liquid damage

Turn off the phone or laptop. Remove the Battery. Go to an accredited store like gadgets fix to clean the device with special chemicals. Please don’t use rice as this could accelerate corrosion. Try not to leave it too long before you bring in to Gadgets fix as the liquid turns to corrosion which can take days or weeks before it stops working.

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