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Aki PH Robert
Senior Technician Senior Technician Store & Repairs Manager

Opening Times Monday – Saturday: 09:00-06:30 Sunday: 11:00-05:00

Gadgets Fix has been established in Leeds City Center for over 20 years.

Gadgets Fix started life as a small store in the St John’s center and have grown over the years, to have a large Leeds city center based store now employing 4 members of staff. We offer innovative state of the art repairs; we use quality replacement parts and offer up to three months warranty on the majority of our repairs. Gadgets fix is the only fix team that can offer the same high-quality service to you.

5 Star Awards on Google & facebook from over 1300 clients

In one year Gadgets fix has been awarded 5 stars by over 1,300 clients for our Quick Quotes, Speedy fix, 95% Success rate, Accredited knowledge & experience, affordable prices, aftercare service, and our warm friendly service. GadgetsFix.com has outperformed the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, New York in the last 12 months with so many 5 star reviews.

*For non-warranty repairs

Staff Recommend Gadgets Fix

Gadgets fix have a good relationship with clients & the networks to ensure we offer a good repair service which offers a 92% success rate with warranty. We have a number of banks, professional firms & large corporations who use our services because we have a crew who span 15 years of experience at Gadgets Fix. Gadgets fix will always offer the same quality of service to members of the public, students, military service, and emergency services. Staff recommends Gadgets Fix* for non-warranty repairs we have no contractual relationship with these brands.

Partner with the University

We are partners with the University of Leeds and Becket University where we give staff and students 10% off.

Gadgets Fix offer 95% success on repairs with a warranty

Gadgets Fix now offers you up to a 96% success rate. Gadgets Fix offer a speedy fix where most work can be carried out within an hour to 3 hours. 30% of the work can be completed within 24 hours. 20% of work can be completed in 3 working days, and up to 3 weeks in some cases depending on the complexity of work and parts availability. We always try to protect people’s data before we start work and use high-quality parts from original sources or sourcing from the same quality factory. Please remember we are only as good as what work you offer us.

Gadgets Fix offer a wide range of Products & Services

Gadgets Fix buy, sell, repair and unlock iPhones, Smartphones, iPads Consoles, Cameras, and a variety of portable gadgets. Gadgets fix offers a polite professional and extremely helpful service which goes above and beyond anyone else. Gadgets Fix will always go to the extreme to try and fix your device quickly and efficiently. Gadgets Fix offers value to all our clients who buy our products and use our company while maintaining a top-quality service.


Gadgets Fix offers a new free priority service with discounts

Gadgets Fix is offering 25% off inspection fees & up to 10% of repair fees & 5% off unlocks. This is a free service to our clients for the moment and all you have to do is register by email. As part of this we would like some feedback on how we are doing and to recommend us to family, friends & colleagues. We will be giving you points by text where you can spend them in the store. You will allow us to send you a monthly Gadgets Fix Magazine. Gadgets fix will also give you a free case for your phone or laptop or tablet on the first recommendation.

The Gadgets Fix team specialises in offering you a warm & friendly service. Our motto is “You break it … We fix it” and as you can see on our Customer Review section our satisfied customers are a testament to this. All crew members at Gadgets Fix are trained to have up to date knowledge & experience to offer you a successful solution to most fixable issues. We have colleagues who can find the best and most cost-effective service to enable us to deliver to you a very unique and unbeatable comprehensive package.

Gadgets Fix systems ensure the client’s values are upheld

Gadgets Fix security tags each repair with a non-removable sticker which has the client’s serial no matched in our database to an individual client’s id number Most of our members of staff have worked for the company for over 5 years. Our proven comprehensive system easily identifies each client to their repair. No other company can match our systems in order to protect the client’s property & the valuable data that each device holds. Each client gets a receipt for their fix. Gadgets Fix buying a policy is to require a passport, driving license, utility bill, fingerprint, and Facebook. Gadgets Fix checks all functions before buying gadgets Gadgets fix leads the way in ensuring that clients’ individual rights are upheld.

Gadgets Fix pledge is to ensure the client gets an excellent service

Communication our crew are trained to ensure we offer good information which helps the client makes a good choice. Gadgets Fix has a good relationship with our warm service and makes visiting the store a pleasant and rewarding experience, Gadgets fix tries to find solutions to the client’s tailored needs which sometimes requires impartial advice and information. Gadgets Fix respects the client’s needs and want. We will always try to improve our service to you the client. Thank you for taking the time in reading this and look forward to seeing you soon.

Quick Quote & Speedy Fix

Come sample our warm, and friendly service with our Quick Quote & Speedy Fix with 96% success rate and 90 days warranty. iPhone and iPad repairs completed while you wait.

Click and we Collect by our new  Courier &  Post-it service

Gadget Fix will pick up your device for repairing or selling within 60 minutes depending on the area. The pick-up service is secure and reliable offering a full receipt, insurance, and packaging. iPhones & iPads if picked up by 11 am can be returned the same day depending on the issue. We can pick up from up to 2 miles from the City Centre and the following areas: Alwoodley, Moortown, Shadwell, Meanwood, Roundhay, Oakwood, Headingley, Adel, Lawnswood, Horsforth and Chaple Allerton. Post it Service is where you can send your phone, tablet, laptop by post to our store. We can either send you a post-it packet or you can pack it yourself and pop it down to the local post office. Once we receive your repair we can then turn around most jobs same working day which can stretch to 5 working days or more if the parts are from abroad.

New Repair Tracker and Remote Fix Service

Gadgets Fix can now offer Official unlocks on iPhones and iPads from around the world on most networks. The service takes 1 to 16 days service and only requires your phone details. Once approved iTunes will unlock your device anywhere in the world. At Gadgets Fix we can also unlock most Android and Windows phones remotely or in-store on most networks. We can repair most software issues remotely from your office to your home or work location. Our new Repair Tracker (currently under construction) will allow you to get updates on how your repair is progressing.

Terms & Conditions


Gadget Fix will try and repair your gadget while you wait subject to:

1 how busy we are, if there are any more complex issues, further parts supply required either from stock or to order externally & or if we have to escalate the issue to our specialist external departments.

2 The repair can take between 1 to 5 working days, but in normal circumstances, we can repair it while you wait and on some occasions may take between 5 to 30 working days.

3 Gadgets fix is not responsible for any other non-reported damage where extra parts are required, loss of data, any clients accessories such as bags, cables & charges & any delay in parts delivery.

4 We offer a ninety-day warranty on parts & labour which excludes any further damage, liquid damage repairs, or re-flows of laptops gaming consoles & or phones.

5 The client will need to check the repair before leaving the premises to establish the repairs been completed to the client’s satisfaction. Please advise us of a time you will pick up your repair by text or email.

6 The price quoted price may change if additional work is needed,  extra parts required or Courier service is called to bring the parts over quickly.

7 On-screen replacements we always  take the screen that’s damaged for us to recycle

We require your password, network, and details of the issues and how it happened. We will also require your contact details full name, address, mobile number, and email address. Please contact us by text or email to 07800 800 794 or (07702) 096353. tech@gadgetsfix.com or if we fail to contact you within 3 days please call the landline or mobile.

Selling to Gadgets Fix

1 Selling to Gadgets Fix is a contractual arrangement where the price is agreed subject to any defects found or not as described.

2 If you change your mind you will be charged an inspection Fee for gadgets are £25 (or £40 for laptops) and an admin cost of £15.

3 Gadgets Fix reserves the right to lower the price of the goods if the gadgets are not the same quality as the seller describes.

4 If the goods fail within 90 days of purchase from the client’s purchase gadgets fix will have the right for the seller to refund all money paid by Gadgets fix to the seller plus and an admin fee of £25 and inspection fee listed above any other recovery fee required to obtain the money paid by Gadgets fix to the seller.

5 Testing the gadgets can take from one hour to 3 days depending on how busy we are and if any parts are required.

6 When selling to gadgets Fix we require proof of ownership and Gadgets fix want you to supply a Passport and or Driving License, a utility or bank statement within the last 60 days, a current mobile phone number,  Facebook details, and a fingerprint.

Gadgets Crew

All Gadgets Fix crew should always be courteous and polite towards all clients.  All Gadgets fix crew members should wear an ID badge at all times. When dropping or calling into Gadgets fix always ask for the crew’s name and confirm the conversation by text and or email so there is a record.

Buying from Gadgets Fix

1 Gadget Fix will warranty all our sales for 90 days of purchase. To obtain a refund on the goods will have to be not as described and or not fit for purpose.

2 Our warranty does not include accidental damage, any wear, and tear, changes to the gadget software, failure due to any software updates, and driver conflicts made by the client.

3 The goods have to be returned in the same state it was sold in, with all packaging and accessories and the condition we sold it to you. You must have a valid sales receipt.

4 Gadget fix reserves the right to charge a testing fee if the goods are not faulty and for any damage by the buyer since purchase.

5 it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the gadgets is suitable for the purpose it’s been intended for.

6 The price quoted is a quote that may change if additional work of parts is required.

7 The sale is governed by The Sale of Goods Act 1979.


1 For all repairs and unlocks please contact Gadgets fix by repair tracker on this website and if any reply has not been made within 24 hours of contacting us please text or email to 07800 800 794 or (07702) 096353. tech@gadgetsfix.com or if we fail to contact you within in 4 days please call the landline or mobile.

2 Gadgets fix is a Trademark owned by a private individual and is licensed to Gadgets EFX limited who trades as Gadgets fix.

3 Please always approve and confirm any work and or parts price by text or email.

4 To always take the name of the person you speak into it and email text points made to Gadgets Fix in and to confirm the conversations.

5 We will try to return a call by email or text within 3 to 5 working days subject to how busy we are.

All Quotes by Gadgets Fix made must be confirmed by text or email to you to be valid and the price might vary as described above. If you have a complaint please email us by our contact form on here.