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Gadgets FIx is the most reliable and affordable solution in the UK to have your Macbook repaired. We offer a Nationwide Mail-In Repair Service for Macbook Repairs to anybody in the UK from Broken Screens to Liquid Damage and Dead Boards.

If the Apple Store or another Repair Centre say it is not repairable, Gadgets can fix it!

Gadgets Fix offer all types of repairs on Macbooks. Most of our logic board repairs cost from only £99 which is the fraction of the price of what the Apple Store will charge for a replacement motherboard, or any other repair center will charge to repair your Macbook.  We offer very competitive fixed price repairs on our services, with no additional costs except for parts. Gadgets fix will return delivery to you which is fully tracked and requires signing for upon arrival.

Gadgets fix aim to repair your Macbook on average within 2-3 working days from receiving the device and we also offer a Full 1 Year Warranty on the parts for repair, simply book in via our home page or call for a quote or call on 07800 800794 to speak to a member of our team or book in on the home page

Gadgets fix are the most technologically advanced equipped repair solution for your Macbook Repair with over £50,000 recently invested in a custom built ESD safe workshop with the latest advanced micro electronics repair equipment, software and diagnostics tools.

Gadgets fix have the ability to diagnose and repair any Macbook Logic Board to a component level. We can repair any Macbook manufactured from 2010 – 2019. We specialise in repairing dead and liquid damaged Macbooks as well as screen repairs, backlight repairs, SMC repairs, trackpad and keyboard repairs. We can repair any fault with any Macbook, we also offer data recovery services.

Just to give you an idea of our technology and tools, we use equipment manufactured by worlds leading brands such as JCB, Hakko, Quick, Fluke, Amscope and Flir. We have tools to aid diagnosis such as Thermal Imaging Cameras, Trinocular Microscopes, Micro Soldering Stations, Ultra Sonic Cleaners, Hot Tweezers, JBC Micro Pencils, Hot Air Stations, DC Power Supplies, Ammeters, Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Multimeters, Fume Extractors, Signal Generators, Precision Blades etc. 

Gadgets Fix have all of the schematic circuit diagrams for every Macbook Logic Board, as well as state of the art software such as Open Board View and more importantly 10 Years Experience with Macbook Logic Board repairs alone. We can find faults by testing and measuring Power Lines, Data and Communication Lines and tracing short circuits, as well as being able to reconstruct damaged components and solder traces on the logic boards. We can replace ICs, Fuses, Capacitors, QFN Packages, BGA Chips, Coils, Connectors etc. We have the ability to rewire and re-construct the entire circuit board regardless of where the problem lies.

Gadgets Fix goal is to offer clients in the UK with affordable and reliable Macbook Repair Services. We pride ourselves with our 100% feedback on eBay which has been attained for many years. We have an extensive client base from Macbook owners, independent repair shops on the high street, recycling centres, educational centres and large insurance companies.

Gadgets fix employ technicians who have worked for the company for 20 years. Your repair comes with a warranty and your data is safe

Please note that if for whatever reason, your Macbook cannot be repaired there is a fixed price of £50 deposit payable to cover postage costs to post the Macbook back to you by 1st Class Recorded Tracked & Signed For Mail.