Tablet repairs

Thank you for giving us a chance to sell ourselves and hopefully convince you to use our service, what we believe to be a superior service for repairing your broken iPads. Since the original launch of the iPad back in April 3, 2010 we have been offering a screen replacement option for the Leeds area ever since. Now almost 6 years on, and after having conducted somewhere in the region of 12,000 broken glass repairs our expertise and intimate knowledge of the iPad series of devices has firmly planted us as Yorkshire’s premier service provider for broken iPads and tablet computers

We are also currently the only repair business in Leeds that goes out of its way to show you what our actual workshop looks like, we will safeguard your device and its information at all times through the use of the surveillance network we have in place. All repairs are captured on CCTV and stored for up to 90 days. We have now switched to using an original glass touch screen, this not only ensures that our customers have the very best parts fitted, it also allows us to offer you a 90 Days warranty. 

All our iPad repairs are carried out in-house by our renowned crack team of iPad repair practitioners, we never outsource our repairs like many other stores; hence we can offer any repair within the hour.

Our technicians’ skills have evolved over the years by meticulously grinding through thousands of Apple iPad repairs to ensure a master-class finish each and every time. You can rely on our expert technicians to use an innovative approach combined with extraordinary skillsets to surgically resurrect your iPad with precise techniques carved out over the years resulting in a clinical finish on your beloved iPad every time.