A quarter of pupils are vaping, headteacher tells…

A quarter of pupils are vaping, headteacher tells MPs – with older children bulk buying to sell to younger students The principal of a Lincolnshire school has told a committee of MPs young people are at risk from concerning chemicals and that alarms are being set off by students vaping in the toilets, causing disruption […]

Should You Buy the Apple Watch SE?

GadgetsFix has discovered that the Apple Watch SE, introduced in September 2022, stands out as Apple’s most budget-friendly smartwatch option. While it may lack some advanced features found in the Apple Watch Series 8 or the Apple Watch Ultra, such as temperature sensing, ECG functionality, and blood oxygen monitoring, it still delivers essential Apple Watch […]

The 2024 iPhone 16 Lineup

Gadgetsfix has uncovered information about Apple’s recent launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models in 2023. Despite the excitement surrounding these new devices, the tech world is already buzzing with rumors about the upcoming 2024 iPhone 16 lineup. Analysts, leakers, and those with insider knowledge are anticipating significant changes, especially in the […]

Everything New in iOS 17.2 Beta 4

Gadgetsfix has uncovered the latest features and updates in the ongoing beta testing of iOS 17.2, following the recent release of iOS 17.1.2. Anticipated to be a significant update, iOS 17.2 introduces several noteworthy changes, such as the inclusion of Apple’s Journal app, spatial video recording support for iPhone 15 Pro models, and various other […]

Apple vs. Android: Unravelling the Tech Tapestry

Introduction Gadgets Fix Tech News FX found in the ever-evolving world of technology, the choice between Apple and Android has become a defining decision for consumers. As we navigate the landscape of innovation, quality, service, and warranty, the two giants stand tall, each with its unique set of benefits and advantages. Join us on a […]